Virginia democrat goes after Facebook hunter Kendall Jones in disgusting, sexist way

Mike Dickinson, a liberal Democrat who claims to be running for Congress in Virginia, has launched a bizarre and sexist Twitter assault on cheerleader Kendall Jones, who was most recently in the news after an outcry over pictures of dead and tranquilized animals (some of them endangered) she hunted on her Facebook page.

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"How does He stand it?"

I think this was the moment when I truly realized what comics were capable of as an art form. Sure, I’d read Watchmen and and a whole laundry list of classics. But this was the first time that I connected with a comic on a spiritual level. This was really the first time that I realized that comics could address powerful issues beyond just superheroes and grimdark fantasies. I still get awed by Ostrander’s The Spectre.

Let me share a short little story with you: I’m not even Christian, but I know exactly where you’re coming from. While I still stand by position as an atheist today, I feel like reading a few comics involving the Spectre — not just Ostrander’s run either, though I think it’s by far the best at it — helped me understand religion a bit more.

I was, unfortunately, one of those kinds of atheists at one point, who viewed religion as a bad thing, but Mr. Corrigan here helped turn me around quite a bit. I feel like I understand better now that people can be misguided by their religious beliefs, but religion in and of itself can be a wonderful thing when used for good.

Just… don’t be like Jim Corrigan about it. That’s a dark, dangerous road.

I totally understand what you mean. And, really, the whole point of that series, the whole point of Jim Corrigan’s character arc, was that he went from being somebody who used religion to dominate, terrorize, and control people to somebody who used religion for the common good of mankind.